Chris Schnaars

Designer, Artist, Programmer

I create new ways of interacting with the world around us. My work has varied widely across form and audience, but has all aligned to a core set of principles: be open and collaborative, use technology as a facilitator, and make something impactful.

Professional Work

I have been helping organizations imagine and build interactive products and experiences for the physical and digital worlds since the mid-2000s. The output of this work can be found in schools, homes, offices, medical facilities, museums, and public spaces across the world. And, of course, wherever there's an internet-enabled device.

If you'd like to see a portfolio, please get in touch.

Personal Practice

In 2019, I began a creative technology practice called Super Pill Design Studio. Super Pill is intended to be a formal space for building ideas of my own, and will be mostly focused on developing unique tools for creative expression.

Things are still getting up and running, but you can see a sample of the type of work I'll be focusing on.